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How to setup Zoiper and configure for Telnyx in Computer


1. Go to and type in the search box “Zoiper” and click Download or click this LINK . 

Google  The Official Zoiper Site



2. Choose your platform and click Download.  Ex. Choose Windows Desktop if you are using Windows. 


Zoiper 3, a free VolP softphone  ios  Windows Desktop  foc the


3. Choose Free Plan. 

€0  Bas i C functionality for  occasiona use  Premium  €39.99  Business functionality  for the power user  Auto  dial. uro  Q i tya—  Custom  On demand  F u I I y Customized NS  according to your specs  r e set  with a M boo


4. Wait till this message appear on the lower left side of your screen. Click keep and wait for the installer to be downloaded. 


voxgate wxc„auelz

5. Click Zoiper_Free.exe and finish the installation process.  voxgate VOXCATE.BIZ


6. When the Zoiper app opens, click Settings > Preference 

ZOIPER  Create a new account  a contact  & i per p2p service  v jernyesip.  Audio wiurd  O penate Tolfte  18005431ggg  e chat  Add •  sort


7. Click Create Account. 

There are no accounts. Click on the button below  in order to create one.  Create account


8. Choose SIP then click NEXT. 

P 」 ez , 凵 V


9. Enter your credentials then click NEXT[ODS1] . 

Account Wizard


10. Leave Skip auto-detection unchecked then click NEXT. 

Account wizard


11. Click OK.  


 12. Finish

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