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Long distance calling via Telnyx VOIP


Planate IT has chosen Telnyx and Zoiper app for our overseas telecommunication solution.

Zoiper is a free app you use to connect to Telnyx.  While Telnyx is a paid on-demand overseas calling that is a move forward strategy out of Skype, which is intended for personal usage.

Telnyx and Zoiper are intended for official use only and should not be used for personal calls. All call destination and cost are being tracked for reference/audit purposes. All cost of calls made is due to Planate.

What you will need:

1. Internet connectivity

2. A smartphone (Android/iPhone)

2. Telnyx Username and Password which you may get from IT

See the attached references on how to set it up.


Telnyx-IPhone-App-Set-up-Guide.pdf Telnyx-IPhone-App-Set-up-Guide.pdf
Telnyx-Android-App-Set-Up-Guide.pdf Telnyx-Android-App-Set-Up-Guide.pdf

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