Consulting & Technical Services Contracts

Consulting & Technical Services Contracts

Anti-terrorism/Force Protection and Emergency Management Support

Planate supported Naval District Washington (NDW) with the development, implementation, and monitoring of the Region’s Anti-terrorism (AT) plan, policies, and execution of USFF/CNIC HQ inspections. Also, our team supported the Emergency Management (EM) directorate with the development of the All-Hazards Emergency Management plan, inventory of Chem/Bio assets, and support to installation Emergency Management programs in successfully aligning programs to EM requirements to support Installation Emergency Management Assessment Cell (IEMAC) inspections.

Human Resources (HR) Support

Planate provides comprehensive business process re-engineering support to the Office of the Judge Advocate General (OJAG) through the mapping of HR processes and identification of key processes, gaps, and omissions. PMG developed new plans, policies, and processes to align to requirements, streamline operations, and automate processes. A CIVPERs manual detailing all aspects of civilian HR management was developed and deployed. Results were 24/7 automated resources for all staff, increased auditability, and comprehensive HR tools and resources for executing the Command’s HR requirements.

SharePoint Support Services

Planate provides SharePoint expertise to the US Navy through the development, deployment, and maintenance of SharePoint portals for various Headquarter Commands. This support includes an automated inventory of Command plant, property, and equipment (PPE), automation of processes, and digitization of records for retrieval and Records Management (RM) compliance.
Records Management/Digitization Support: Planate provides dedicated Records Management (RM)/Digitization support services for unclassified and sensitive material for DoD customers. Our team actively develops information systems to provide easy access to digitized records, secure storage, and searchable formats.

Compliance/Internal Controls Support

Planate is providing support to US Navy HQ and Fleet customers in the form of Managers’ Internal Control (MIC) program support through the development, delivery, and maintenance of MIC plans, policies, and tools. This support includes the development of instructions, user manuals, assessment guides/templates, and regular training to ensure Command and employee compliance with MIC requirements.

Contracts Management

Planate provides Technical Services/Contract Management support to USFF by assisting with the review of contract documentation, estimates, and compliance requirements.

Operations Watchstanding Support

The Planate team deploys operation center watchstanders throughout the world at the various US Navy Regional Headquarter commands. This staff provide 24/7 situational awareness and reporting to leadership to ensure full visibility and information dominance in support of decision making.

Business Process Engineering

Planate assisted a US Navy client with assessment, redesign, and implementation of Headquarter and Field operations to identify efficiencies, omissions, and ensure requirement compliance. Results included the development of a center of excellence for supply, travel (DTS), and security clearance management activities; redistribution of manpower (military and civilian) for more efficient allocations, and revision to manning requirements/forecasts to meet workload demands. Overall outcomes were fiscal savings, increase operational efficiency, and streamlined processes to support mission operations.